Interior Blank is a full-service residential kitchen & bathroom design firm, assisting clients with a wide range of challenges

We invite collaborations with architects, builders, contractors, interior designer/decorators & stylists.

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Here are some case studies to give you an idea of what we do for our clients

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case study 1 - Client

I want someone that isn't just trying to sell me a kitchen but is coming up with design solutions for us

Sarah and John were wanting to renovate their old Queenslander and they had never done any sort of renovations or building before. They had already spoken to a well-known kitchen company and the entire experience put them off. The salesperson stayed in their home for over 3 hours designing a kitchen in their dining room and then tried to put the hard sell on them at the end of the appointment, by offering them a discount if they signed up.  Even though it was a free appointment, they felt they had paid for it in their time (the entire evening).  They weren't happy with the design options that were given and felt that the salesperson hadn't listened to what they wanted.  They were left feeling that they had no idea where to start and daunted by the whole experience and the options that laid before them.

They appointed Interior Blank for the initial consultation and after their initial site inspection they were provided with 3 design options in 3D.  They could then see all the ways they could have their new kitchen, which was completely different than how it was currently.  

The Outcome: The design process enabled Sarah & John to see their options without feeling pressured into buying and in the end were happy for Interior Blank to support them through the process for their new kitchen.

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cast study 2 - builder + client

where to put the kitchen and how to lay it out?

To remove the walls or not to remove the walls?

Sue had purchased a house as an investment property and it may be a home that she would move into in the future. She lived a few hours away, so needed to get clear on what she wanted and then portray that to the builder so he could complete the quotations on the work.  

The builder sent Sue to Interior Blank, so that they could help Sue make decisions on what to do with the layout of the kitchen.  

The space was tricky with lots of angled walls and the kitchen was tiny and blocked away from the large open plan living room. Sue had some ideas of what she wanted but wasn't feeling 100% on her decisions.  Even though the proposed walls that were to be removed opened up the kitchen a little, it still was going to feel pokey and not in comparable with the size of the rest of the house, which was expansive and spacious.

Two 3D (sketches) options of the room were prepared, one with the existing idea that the Builder and Sue were thinking, the second another completely different proposed option which entailed opening the space up completely and removing other non-structural walls in the family room that changed the layout of laundry. 

The outcome: the space was transformed into a large open plan living space so that when you entered the room there was a kitchen that suited the 5 bedroom home and a better layout for the laundry.

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Case study 3 - cabinet maker + client

Choosing materials that meet your budget

The busy cabinetmaker was finding that some of their clients needed more guidance than they could give.  They wanted someone to assist them in guiding the client to clear decisions and provide a level of service that they didn't currently have time for. 

Concept plans of the cabinetry for the home were prepared for the client and material selections for the cabinetry, benchtops & handles for each room. 

The client had lots of ideas of finishes and layout, but was having trouble deciding as she didn't have an idea on the cost of the materials and wanted some guidance.

The outcome: Full cabinetry concept plans were created for the client for each room and confirmed for the cabinetmaker so they could prepare the client quotations . Alternative materials were selected from the client's original wish list, that were similar but more affordable for her.

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case study 4 - Client (interior stylist)

I know what I want, I just want help to put it all together

Jane came to me with a tonne of brilliant ideas, she knew what look she was trying to achieve, had loads of well sort out images to show me and material selections she loved. She was an interior stylist, so her taste was impeccable and she was a dream to work with!   

We worked together to come up with layouts that worked in the space keeping in mind her the appliance specification requirements. We overcame some obstacles with some of the materials, finding alternatives that suited the weather conditions for her outdoor entertainment kitchen and firmed up design and materials for each of the spaces.

Jane was from out of town and didn't know what suppliers could handle some of the bespoke things she wanted. She also wanted to get the design sorted before she got quotes as she knew it would save time=money with the suppliers. 

Outcome: Once the documentation was finalised, Interior blank worked with Jane to arrange quotations with each supplier required. Using Interior Blanks contacts, they carefully selected the artisans of the industry, who could bring together everything to work with her time and budget requirements. Jane also now employs Interior Blank to prepare cabinetry designs for her own business clients.